A brief intro to Freddies Flowers

Hi Freddie, please can you give us a brief intro to your company…

I started Freddie’s Flowers 3 years ago from my Mum and Dad’s house in Wandsworth with little more than a milkfloat for delivery and tent as a warehouse. My Dad owned a flower shop and my Mum was a florist so I’ve been brought up around flowers.

It’s going really well and we are now delivering to around 15,000 households every week.

What gave you the initial idea for Freddie’s Flowers?

I love flowers and the way they do so much to improve your life. I used to work at Abel & Cole, the fruit and veg box company, so I could see how a regular delivery of flowers would work and wanted to share the floral joy.

What were you doing before you started up your own business?

Working at Abel & Cole running their face to face marketing.

How has your business evolved since you first started it, and what tips would you give someone wanting to set up their own business?

Yes very much so. It used to be me and my mum and now we have a team of around 80 people. My advice would be to find a great team, listen to them and work very hard!

And finally what is your favourite part of owning your own company?

The freedom to experiment and try new things.

Learn more about Freddie’s Flowers at freddiesflowers.com.